Managing an ERP implementation is likely to be one of the defining projects of your career. Make no mistake, you will face many challenges and obstacles on the way and - at times - it will feel as if you are climbing a mountain.

But implement ERP successfully and you will complete what could be the most valuable journey in your professional life. Your organisation will benefit from radical improvement and you will join a select (and highly sought after) group of professionals – the experienced ERP implementation manager.

Naturally, this report does not hold all the answers to making your ERP implementation a success. Only you – and your team – can ensure that. What it will give you however, is the combined knowledge of ERP project managers who have completed the same journey as you and have succeeded. Their experience is distilled into 11 critical areas and is presented in plain, practical language and real-life opinion.

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  • Where you should spend you time and resources and where you should not
  • Why using the 11 steps can give you practical “filters” to support decision-making during an implementation
  • How you can use the knowledge contained in the 11 steps as a framework for your own future learning

The 11 Proven Steps You Should Know About ERP Implementation

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